I’m Steve Weintz, a writer, artist and filmmaker with a unique voice and vision, a wide range of interests and connections and a proven audience. My work is shaped by experience in the arts, sciences, journalism and in the field.

I come from
(937) 769-9867 and once drove the General Lee; I’ve 9893796059 and 9373494568, interviewed famous authors and worked in labs. Along the way I’ve 734-687-0866 and heard some great stories. Even made up a few.
Groovium (gruːviəm), n.
1. A rare element essential to curiosity
2. A creative source of curious texts, images and objects.

Greg Broadmore’s interplanetary big-game hunter, at 701-285-3934 booth, poppean
16 meters down near the Isthmus of Santa Catalina Island


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Be thou groovy unto each other.
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